Devote To Your Healing. 

Devote To Your Growth.

Devote To Your Self.

DEVOTION is an accessible and inclusive online membership, open to all genders, faiths, and experience levels - from absolute beginners to seasoned healers - for you to devote to your healing and personal development journey & become part of a supportive community - throughout 2023, and beyond!

Whether it’s due to time, money, energy or the natural resistance to the discomfort of growth - we often stray from the path that serves us most. 

DEVOTION is a membership platform and community space to support you through resistance, and into the devotion that will ignite self-empowerment, for your highest potential. 

Through guided tools, live ceremonies and supportive workshops we will nurture and inspire your journey of healing and growth.

DEVOTION is a combination of pre-recorded sessions, downloadable workbooks, and live ceremonies.


Your guides are Felicity Weston (Founder of ookushana School Of Healing) & Joe Aston (A Tribe Called Being) the masculine branch of ookushana! Together, we have created a journey to combine our areas of expertise, which we trust can bring you into divine union, and in alignment with your highest self.

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Our simplest and most accessible package, yet still full to the brim of juiciness each month. 

I Am Devoted


Our more advanced package, for anyone who knows they want to devote a little more - with weekly ceremonies, live Q&A's and monthly special guests! 

I Am Devoted

What To Expect


The journey will consist of a combination of pre-recorded sessions, workbooks & live ceremonies. 

All live sessions will be recorded and available to journey within your own time, if you cannot make it to the lives - so you will never "miss" a thing! You are welcome to journey at your own pace, or along with the community. 

Either way, you will become part of a private community where you can connect with others on the journey, seeking and sharing support whenever you feel called.


There are 2 packages to choose from - depending on how much time and energy you would like to devote.

The Devotion

Package will include:

- The Devotion Bible: A workbook to prepare you for the year ahead, and guide you through some important tools for your inner journey. 

- Weekly Meditation Journey

- Monthly Journaling Workbook

- Monthly Live Healing Ceremony with Felicity 

- Monthly Live Coaching Masterclass with Joe

- Access to our Private Community

ALL FOR JUST £33 PER MONTH - if you sign up before 31st January (£44 thereafter) 

OR just £22 if you sign up for the whole year!


The Deeper Devotion

 Package will include: 


+ Monthly Live Breathwork Ceremony OR Sound Healing Journey

+ Monthly Q&A / Sharing Circle with Felicity & Joe

+ Monthly Guest Speaker OR Workshop

- Exclusive Invites & Discounts to our In-Person Retreats, Courses & 1-2-1 Journeys

ALL FOR JUST £49.50 PER MONTH - if you sign up before 31st January (£66 thereafter)



We are offering a 25% discount special offer for Devotion & 15% for Deeper Devotion if you sign up before 31st January!

You can sign up for monthly payments or say yes to your devotion & sign up for the whole year for an even better discount!!

The Journey Of Devotion


Over the coming year, we will be honouring and flowing with the Seasons and themes of the moment.

Your journey will include:

- Cacao Ceremonies

- Moon Rituals 

- Ancestral Healing

- Inner Child Healing 

- Relationship Healing 

- Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques 

- Subconscious Reprogramming

- Archetypal Healing 

& much more... 


For those of you journeying with DEEPER DEVOTION, we also have some incredible special guests lined up for you, to share their expertise in different areas of healing. 


We have a special offer on until 31st December !!

Devotion Annual Subscription


* Saving £264 *


Full year access to DEVOTION @ 50% Discount - working out at just £22 per month instead of £44!

  • The Devotion Bible
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Monthly Printable Workbook
  • Monthly Live Healing Ceremony with Felicity
  • Monthly Live Coaching Masterclass with Joe
  • Access To Our Private Community 
  • Option To Upgrade at any time +

Deeper Devotion Annual Subscription


* Saving £264 *


Full year access to DEEPER DEVOTION @ 33% Discount - working out at just £44 per month instead of £66

  • The Devotion Bible 
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Monthly Workbook
  • Monthly Live Healing Ceremony with Felicity
  • Monthly Live Coaching Masterclass with Joe
  • Monthly Live Breathwork Ceremony OR Sound Healing Journey
  • Monthly Guest Speaker / Workshop
  • Access To Our Private Community 
  • Exclusive Discounts


You can also sign up for monthly payments - on special offer until 31st December!

Devotion Monthly Subscription


* Saving 25% *


A monthly subscription to DEVOTION @ 25% Discount -  £33 per month instead of £44


Deeper Devotion Monthly Subscription


* Saving 15% *


A monthly subscription to DEEPER DEVOTION @ 15% Discount -  £49.50 per month instead of £66




About Felicity

Felicity is a Lightworker,  Medicine Woman & Mentor, having completed a number of degrees and training courses over the past 18 years, including ancestral healing, womb healing, shamanic practices and rituals, yoga, breath and sound. She has 10 years experience in the field of holistic healing, and specialises in Divine Feminine Alchemy & Ancestral Healing. She also has degrees in International Business (MSc) & Nutrition (BSc Hons).

Felicity has been the lead teacher for ookushana School of Healing since 2015 & holds many immersive trainings and Retreats each year - including Medicine Woman Practitioner Training, Leaders Of Light, Creating Ceremony & Ritual, and Reiki Training (Levels 1 - Master Teacher). 

She also holds a yearly pilgrimage retreat for Lightworkers. 

About Joe

Joe is a Medicine Man, devoted to nature-based healing, guiding people towards the best versions of themselves, using Inner Leadership Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Shamanic Journeying techniques. 

After immersing himself in his training over the past 2 years, he is now a facilitator and trainer for the Inner Leadership Academy. 

Joe specialises in 'Men's Work' - dedicating the last 5 years to Tribe Called Being - Nature-based adventures, with Sharing Circles and Guided Meditations to navigate the inner landscape of the human psyche and emotional body within a safe space. 


Beth - A Lightworker's Journey

"Felicity's understanding and articulation of the world is such a powerful message, and needed more than ever as we find ourselves in increasingly challenging times. This course shows you how to start understanding and appreciating things differently, discovering the vital role of the intangible, and learning how to respect your innate inner wisdom along the way. 

The content demands a lot from you, but Felicity guides in a way that allows you to take things at your own pace and really find meaning in your progress (I will be rereading the workbooks forever!) - and I would recommend it to anyone who has ever considered what it might mean to be alive, and how we make the best of it."


Ali - Masculine Archetypes Course 

" I booked onto Joe's course because, despite having all the things society tells us we ought to have (a house, family, a job, etc.) I'd found I'd lost my way in life and day-to-day stuff felt like I was only just 'surviving' as opposed to 'being' or 'living'. A heady cocktail of past trauma meant that anger management problems, low self-esteem and issues with shame were a massive burden on me, however having completed the course I now have a new-found sense of being, that I'm more my authentic self than ever before. I applied for a new promotion, something I'd never had the self-belief to do for over 10 years and my relationship has massively improved with my wife and children, as well as with myself. 

 Joe created a really safe space in the live calls which immediately alleviated any anxieties of suddenly being thrown together with a new group of men. He strikes a really good balance between the more spiritual and practical aspects, creating content which is both interesting and genuinely applicable to everyday life. Although 'the work' is never over, I'm ridiculously grateful to Joe for providing such a strong foundation for me to build on. I'll definitely be working one-to-one with Joe in the future as part of this."